Thursday, 22 September 2011

Crazyplay Exhibition Photos..

The guys at Crazyplay are on their last day at the Leisure Industry Week Trade Exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham, They sent me some photos of their exhibition stand so I could see my designs and the overall look of their stand! I think it looks pretty good.. and I am hoping they get loads of lovely leads that they deserve- great company!
If you want to see their work their webiste is: - this is their old website design, new one should be up soon! :)

Crazyplay Ltd Exhibition Stand Designs

After designing promotional stationary for Crazyplay, they asked me to design the stands for their exhibitions. They gave me the information, sizes and dimensions that they needed and I cracked on.. I decided to keep it in style with the leaflet so that it kept their brand tight. They needed three walls designed, a product wall, information wall and a showcase wall and then backs to them walls.
Here are the final designs..

Crazyplay Ltd Business Card and Leaflet Designs (& Process)

I have been helping out a wonderful company Crazyplay Ltd for designs for upcoming exhibitions they  have in Manchester and London. They required promotional stationary to give out and stand designs that made them stand out.
I firstly began with creating a few business card designs for them, and this was the final chosen design..

Secondly they wanted a promotional leaflet to give out to customers that explained who they are and what they do. The leaflet took several attempts to get right due to the inability to print and other things! I firstly designed a standard vertical folding leaflet, keeping in mind the 'Crazyplay' branded theme. The orange play frame bar theme I had in this design was to tie in with their new website which also uses these orange frame bars. I also wanted to express a 'crazy' theme, I done this by un-organizing the layout and making strong use of the bright colours in their logo. This design was unfinished, as the company decided that they wanted to create a different approach to their leaflet.

The company liked the style and idea of the above leaflet but asked if their leaflet could match the shape of their logo. I thought this was an interesting approach that could look awesome completed and also play out well to their company brand.
I firstly designed a folded leaflet as above in the shape of the logo. This design would mean that once the leaflet was folded up it would have made an uneven and crazy shaped stack..

The second approach of creating the leaflet in the shape of the logo, was to design it as a booklet. This is what the company liked but unfortunately had problems with it at the printers and it meant a lot of cutting or prior to the exhibition...

In the end we went with a completely different style all together, which is difficult to explain the concept without seeing the finished piece. The company are going to send me a sample of the finished leaflet so I can then post up photographs of it! :) Heres the template for the final design..

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Fashion.Life by Mimi Logo Designs

I have been searching the net for a lovely dress, all day! Instead of finding something within my price range, I have now been left with visions of gorgeous vintage/designers dresses that I can't afford! Great!
However, the look and design of vintage clothing gave me a great idea for a style to do my cousins '' blog logo. Mia is very much into her fashion - especially vintage fashion, so I felt this would be a great style to begin with..
Here are a few designs that I started today...

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Exhibiting My Work...

So far I have had the chance to exhibit my work twice.
My first exhibition was my university degree exhibition in The Grand Theatre in Swansea, where all our graduating class displayed our third year work. Here are some photo's of my exhibition display..

My second exhibition was at the New Designers Exhibition in London. I thought the exhibition was fantastic and was inspiring to see all the work by graduates such as my self. I managed to give out all but a few of my business cards, so it's nice to know my name is out there somewhere :)

Here are a few photos from my display at the New Designers Exhibition..

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Schwartz Packaging Re-Design

This was a university brief to chose an existing product on the shelves and create new packaging for it. I chose Schwartz spices because I often notice spice bottles being used in the kitchen as decoration. I wanted to create a visually interesting approach to my design so that they stood out on the shelves against the vast variety of other spice and herb products and also so that customers would admire them for the decoration purpose.

The initial design concept I created was half circle patterns created out of the ingredients that are used in each spice/herb (i.e red and yellow peppers and chilli for paprika). I decided to use my vibrant patterns on a plain white background so that they stood out to the eye and also to express the notion that spice/herbs adds zest to a plain dish!
I then created the refill box layouts using my half circle design as the front feature piece.
I also created packaging strips for the glass bottles that would be used as decoration and to fit into standard spice racks.

After I completed the look of my packaging re-design, I used sections of all the half circle designs I created for each spice/herb product and created a poster design that I feel brings all the re-design together and creates a visually exciting bulk.